My approach to art-making is intuitive; I never plan ahead, or make studies. The imagery is transported from the subconscious and becomes a visual roadmap reflecting my current state of being. Using acrylic on wood panel, I have invented a method wherein I create a visual language of large-scale original stamps. These are impressed on the panel to imply dimension and spatial configurations. The process mimics traditional printmaking disciplines blended with painting techniques.

Each painting is accomplished through a progression that begins with laying down a background color made up of many layers of paint often applied using non-traditional tools such as sponges and squeegees. I then layer the shapes on top, adding and deleting as the image impels me.

There is an inherent freedom when one works without fixed idea or formal methodology. I allow the image to guide me, turning the wood panel around as I work. The final direction of the piece is usually determined at the very end. I never know what the work means until I study the completed piece.

One can compare it to creating from a dream-like state. It is the inner realm; the place where we instinctively feel our deepest communion.

© Asandra 2020