My paintings and prints employ mixed media on either high quality paper, wood panel, or canvas. Representational and abstract symbols stamped, drawn, printed, or collaged, coexist with balanced design elements to create an overall visual harmony. Bold geometries suggest an archetypal, intuitive language. 

To interpret the symbols, one must use cognitive powers based on intuition rather than analysis or logic. As art is considered to be subjective, so too is the capacity to translate a symbolic language such as that experienced in dreams. In other words, we innately understand its meaning without having to be literal.

The intention in this work is to suggest an expanded realm wherein our consciousness not only already dwells but also innately comprehends. Each painting can be experienced for both its surface beauty as well as being a visual meditation reflecting larger, abstract realities.

Asandra 2015

“Abstract art is only important if it is the endless rhythm where the very ancient and the distant future meet.” Sonia Delaunay