My paintings are inspired by the Southern California landscape. Although my work is primarily abstract, it reflects the exploration of topography, light, and color variations found in nature.  Using mixed media on wood panel, I have invented a method of making large, original stamps, layering my work to imply dimension and spatial configurations. The process mimics traditional printmaking disciplines that are blended with painting techniques.

In 2011, I moved from the East Coast (New York/Miami) and relocated to California. Lifestyle and climate differences aside, the biggest variances are the terrain and diffused, golden light. The brightness of color found in the work is a reflection of my interior response to this natural beauty. It is emotion expressed through color, shape, and texture. I never plan ahead, or make studies. Each painting is accomplished through an intuitive progression that begins with laying down a background color made up of many thin layers of paint. This is applied using non-traditional tools such as sponges and squeegees. I then layer the shapes on top, adding and deleting as the image impels me.

There is an inherent freedom when one works without fixed idea or formal methodology. I allow the image to guide me, turning the wood panel around as I work. The final direction of the piece is usually determined at the very end. One can compare it to creating from almost a dream state. It is the inner landscape; the place where we instinctually feel our deepest communion.

Asandra 2019

“Abstract art is only important if it is the endless rhythm where the very ancient and the distant future meet.” Sonia Delaunay